Adopt-A-Hive 2017

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Adopt-A-Hive 2017


We cannot express the gratitude we have to all of you for supporting us! Through our Adopt-A-Hive program, our Bee's Kneeds Campaign has helped us raise the funds to allow us to add more hives to our apiary, increasing the honeybee population each year!

We are now offering you the chance to claim your hive for 2017! We will begin by mailing out your adoption certificate. Honey and pictures will be shipped closer to the end of the season, around August/September. 

What you will receive:

  •     You will receive an adoption certificate.
  •     You will get to name your queen bee!
  •     You will receive pictures of your hive, colony, and the beautiful land your honeybees call home.
  •     You will be recognized on social media and our Backers page.
  •     And best of all...You will receive your choice of a 3 lb bottle or a full frame of raw capped honey still in the honeycomb (approximately 3 lbs of honey, give or take), right from the hive! Scrape the honey right from the comb to spread on your toast...doesn't get any better than that!

What we need from you:

  •     Adoption fee = $100 plus S/H
  •     Your choice of name for your queen bee
  •     And patience...your girls will need a few months to build comb and fill it with sweet honey!  

Let's work together to build a sustainable world!

*Please place a separate order for any products that you would like shipped to you now. All items ordered with an Adopt-A-Hive will ship in August/September.

Adopt Your Hive