Running Sticks

Many of you, like myself, have found some ridiculous reason to enjoy running.  A couple years ago I decided to pay $100 to run 26.2 miles and pretend like I was having fun.  Along the way, there were plenty of tables set up with fresh orange and banana slices available to anyone that was coming in first place.  For the rest of us in second place, give or take 2,000, we passed empty tables surrounded by orange rinds, which I may or may not have contemplated sucking on.  How I wish now that I would have brought honey sticks!  Other than risking being robbed at mile 24, they would have served me well.

Honey sticks are a sweet treat and are awesome for a variety of uses.  As a labor and delivery nurse, I've noticed an increased popularity in these energy-rich sticks for the non-medicated laboring woman.  Not saying they will take the pain away, but they just might make the experience a little "sweeter".