Tea Time Tassies

So we had the most amazing opportunity to enjoy our morning with Debbie from KUTV's Fresh Living.  It doesn't matter that our mom probably bribed the station with a pan of lasagna to invite us on the show...we feel like local celebs all the same.  

We were asked to bring a recipe using our raw honey.  As children, our Grandma Farina would make us Tea Time Tassies (similar to mini pecan pies).  It was a favorite recipe passed down from our grandma's cousin, Tessie Donadio.  It was a must for us to make these sweet treats using our honey.  And so we did....and our mouths rejoiced.

Here's our little claim to fame...it may be simple, it may be short, but we're cooler than we used to be.  Click here to see us in action!