Cinnamon Swirl Brioche

So, a while back I came across a recipe from Barbara Bakes for Cinnamon Swirl Brioche. It looked crazy beautiful and crazy impossible.  I may be Italian, but my skills in the kitchen were nonexistent.  But I knew that if I had the courage to call up my dad in college to find out how to bake a potato in the microwave, then surely I could try something new. Not only did it look super dope, but it tasted that good too.  The best part....the brioche dough is made using honey!!

I made the recipe dividing it into mini loaves for after school snacks.  I was the coolest mom in the whole neighborhood for at least 10 minutes.

Since attempting this recipe I have spent many more hours in the kitchen baking anything I can dip in honey. Yeast has now become an ingredient on my shopping list and I've added several words like blanch, caramelize, scald, proof, and score to my vocab.  

Do yourself and your kids a favor.  Visit Barb for an epic after school party.