Adopt A Hive

So my sis and I are on the phone chatting AGAIN about how we can expand our apiary and do more for the honeybee population.  It's not like we can stick a box in our yard and hope bees fly in it.  Unfortunately we're not bee whisperers.  We had created The Bees Kneeds Campaign to promote and support the honeybee population, but it wasn't enough.  We needed money to build beehives, and purchase new packages of bees.  We discussed  the possibility of involving others to help us in our efforts.  And I have to report that the results have kept us buzzing (forgive the pun) ever since.

Our business started out, well, not as a business.  We had 2 hives, we watched YouTube videos, and took lots of pictures.  Our kids thought we were crazy, it's not the first time nor will it be the, they had a valid reason.  Most parents don't come home with 20,000 bees and a smoker.   

We grew up with an entrepreneurial father...I guess you could say it's in our blood.  Gina and I worked for him as kids stuffing envelopes and presorting mail.  When we moved to college we decided to start a small business of our own and loved working together. Our father passed away a couple of years ago and we needed that time to be together again. We've always been close and losing our father brought us even closer.

Deciding to own a beehive began as a way to teach our children about the importance of honeybees and nature which is something our father always respected and had a passion for.  After we posted our first honey harvest on Facebook we were overwhelmed with the number of friends and family that were interested in purchasing our raw honey.  Out of the 120 pounds of honey our first year we ended up with a single pound of honey for our families.

Our business developed from there and we have been able to enjoy the partnership, friendship, and love that our father was a great example of. He always taught us to remember where we came from. He believed in supporting the "Mom & Pop" shops and utilizing resources. We learned from him that supporting local and networking with other entrepreneurs develops long lasting friendships and successful businesses. 

Our honeybees bring us to a simple place with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, teach our children, and provide the quiet time to dream big as our father taught us.