Running Sticks

Many of you, like myself, have found some ridiculous reason to enjoy running.  A couple years ago I decided to pay $100 to run 26.2 miles and pretend like I was having fun.  Along the way, there were plenty of tables set up with fresh orange and banana slices available to anyone that was coming in first place.  For the rest of us in second place, give or take 2,000, we passed empty tables surrounded by orange rinds, which I may or may not have contemplated sucking on.  How I wish now that I would have brought honey sticks!  Other than risking being robbed at mile 24, they would have served me well.

Honey sticks are a sweet treat and are awesome for a variety of uses.  As a labor and delivery nurse, I've noticed an increased popularity in these energy-rich sticks for the non-medicated laboring woman.  Not saying they will take the pain away, but they just might make the experience a little "sweeter".

Hail to the Queen

We're often asked where the name Queen Farina comes from.  We come from an Italian heritage and Farina happens to be a family name.  Since honey is a kitchen staple, we wanted to give a shout out to the queens of our kitchen (our mom and grandma) by naming our honey after them! 

So, put 2 crazy Italian sisters together and pretty soon we're naming all of our queens.  Queen Millie is gentle, Queen Flora is the laborer, and Queen Hazel May is a little feisty.  Every hive has a personality, relatively predetermined by the nature of Her Royal Highness.  Remember, when mom's not happy, nobody's happy, right?  Such is the case in the hive.  The worker sisters feed her, remove her waste, and build her comb.  She mates for 2-3 days with a whole bunch (10-25) of drones (male bees) and then lives out her days laying eggs.  Sounds great, eh?  Yeah, 'til she stops producing and they kill mercy.

Foodies at Their Finest

It's obvious, I know....bees sting.

It is a warm day, and I am super excited to hive our new colonies.  No bee suit for me 'cause today I get to be the honeybee paparazza.

I'm getting downright personal with these little creatures, and a bee gets lost in my hair.  I'm fully aware and ignoring my beekeeper's intuition to not panic.  I can only focus on the buzzing in my when your 5 children say "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom," and you hide in the bathroom.  And somehow one of them sneaks in the bathroom with you and they're still saying "Mom, Mom, Mom," right?  Anyone?  Come on people, work with me!  Anyway, I start shaking my head like a rockstar, but the buzzing is loud and clear and I start to run...I run, and run, and run.  I'm screaming now, I throw my camera in the field, and while shaking my hair violently, I fall on the ground.  About 15 feet away from me is a 7-year-old little girl shouting "You have to calm down!"  To no avail this poor little honeybee sacrificed her life, and as I walked back to the house with my hair tangled, grass stains on my knees, I'm wondering how long it will take for the neighbors to post this on YouTube.